Liar Liar now Wiki is under fire.

suppression is just the norm

Hiro Y.

3/28/20231 min read

To re-establish trust in the age of news suppression, false narratives masquerading as journalism and state-sponsored disinformation efforts, the news media must provide honest, fearless and vigorous journalism. Journalists must call it out if there’s a “reckless disregard of the truth.” Excessive deference to authorities can be corrosive to democratic values

When journalists bring the facts to light and speak the truth, people listen and the powerful behave.

5 Studies Find Wikipedia Bias

Five studies, including two from Harvard researchers, have found a left-wing bias at Wikipedia:

  • A Harvard study found Wikipedia articles are more left-wing than Encyclopedia Britannica.

  • Another paper from the same Harvard researchers found left-wing editors are more active and partisan on the site.

  • A 2018 analysis found top-cited news outlets on Wikipedia are mainly left-wing.

  • Another analysis using AllSides Media Bias Ratings™ found that pages on American politicians cite mostly left-wing news outlets.

  • American academics found conservative editors are 6 times more likely to be sanctioned in Wikipedia policy enforcement.

Harvard researchers Greenstein and Zhu examined articles covering U.S. politics on Wikipedia and compared them to similar articles in Encyclopedia Britannica. They looked at word choices more consistent with left-wing and right-wing views respectively, and found articles on Wikipedia tended to show greater left-wing bias.

A subsequent study by the Harvard researchers and an additional researcher examined the bias of active Wikipedia editors; it found they tended to be more left-wing and more partisan than their right-wing counterparts.

Wikipedia has been pushing a falsehood and removing Shear'Ree from his title and place in history. His page has been moved to draft and his name taken out of the records. All this suppressing really jumped up in scale when he announced his run for 2024 presidential election.